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SAFE - Simple Auto Flood Evacuation

(Patent Pending)


We come from Crystal Lake, in McHenry County, IL, where flooding is a common natural event. We discovered that 63% of flood-related deaths occured in automobiles in 2011, so we chose this problem to solve.


Introducing the SAFE kit! SAFE stands for Simple Auto Flood Evacuation. This kit is intended to help people trapped in their vehicle in rising waters.

The SAFE kit includes:

  • Safety tool (with a seatbelt cutter, window breaker, and light)
  • 25-foot length of 1/4-inch polypropelene rope
  • Two magnetic handles capable of supporting 100 lbs each
  • Pictoral instructions that we drew ourselves explaining how to use the items in the kit.


  • Cost to produce: $11.47
  • Cost to sell: $16


Our goal is to get the SAFE Kit into the hands of as many people as possible. We have considered several routes of distribution. First, we could partner with an insurance company who would give the SAFE Kit to their customers. Another option is to partner with auto repair shops and car dealerships.


We shared this with Mr. McCallister from Douglas Automotive and the Anderson Motors car dealership. Both offered to sell SAFE kits in their stores to see how they sold. We hope to market this as a real product! We also shared with Mrs. Wagner from Allstate, Mr. Jarmusz from AAA, and Jiffy Lube. They provided feedback on the items in the kit and distribution. We presented the SAFE Kit at a City Council meeting to share our idea with the community.

Global Innovation Submission for the SAFE Kit