Fruit Salad ~ FLL Team 6159


We are Fruit Salad, a team of six eighth grade girls from McHenry County, Illinois. We all go to the same middle school, where we are really close friends. This is our second season of FLL and we love it! We are all fun-loving, energetic and eager for our next tournament. Each member on our team has a unique fruit nickname.

Recent News

Come meet the team  Fruit Salad will be helping FTC Team 6007 Octopi promote FIRST at the Crystal Lake Public Library. Come meet the teams and watch live robotics demonstrations.

Fruit Salad is moving up to FIRST Tech Challenge for the 2014-2015 season. For more information about sponsoring our team, visit our Sponsors page.

We made it to Spain! Fruit Salad took home the 3rd place Programming Award from the Open European Championship. Read more about our adventures in our Spain journal.

about fll

There are three components to FLL: the project, the core values, and the robot.

In the project, teams come up with an innovative solution to a problem affecting the world today going along with the FLL theme for the season. For example, this year the theme was Nature's Fury. We came up with the SAFE Kit.  We feel strongly that our solution will save lives, so we applied for the Global Innovation Award.

All FIRST programs have a list of important core values. For example, teams should demonstrate gracious professionalism both inside the team and in dealing with others. Gracious professionalism means that you should not let your will to win get in the way of your kindness and helpfulness towards others. Another FIRST term is coopertition, which in a nutshell means cooperative competition.

But the best part is the robot! Each year teams build and program a LEGO Mindstorms robot to complete mission elements on a 4 ft by 8 ft table. Everything on the board is made from LEGOs. Our robot, Plum, was the object of much admiration from our parents.