Fruit Salad ~ FLL Team 6159

About Us

 We are the FLL team Fruit Salad! Our team is composed of six fun-loving eighth-grade girls. We live in Crystal Lake, in McHenry County, IL. People ask us which came first - the fruit nicknames, or the team name. Truth is, Blackberry gave each team member a fantastic fruit name of their own a while before Fruit Salad started and the team name sprouted from that. The six team members are Blackberry, Watermelon, Papaya, Honeydew, Banana, and Grape. All the Fruit Salad members are friends at school and love to do awesome team building activities (like dipping food in chocolate!!!).

This is Fruit Salad's second year competing, but three team members were in FLL the year before. We have advanced to our state competition every year, as well as receiving the Robot Performance Award and the Champions Awards at regionals.

Blackberry - Likes standing on her toes and drawing phenomenal mythical creatures. (Sometimes at the same time!)

Watermelon - Enjoys juggling many things, including a schedule. One time she vaulted over the couch and fell out of a tree. ("Oopsey Daisy!")

Papaya - Her favorite foods include cheeseburgers and ice cream. (Surprisingly she's not 300 pounds...)

Honeydew - Is left handed and likes whispering to horses in a British accent. (Doesn't everyone?)

Banana - Shockingly, Banana's favorite color is yellow. She also has about 500 nicknames!

Grape - Secretly, this team member is a dinosaur. She also loves using parentheses! Her other nickname is Monkey. (Can you guess why?)